Custom Software


Today, software is the heart and soul of a business. In fact, most businesses run on a number of different types of applications like accounting, customer relationship management, sales, etc. Although there are a variety of off-the-shelf software applications available, they may not always have the right features your business needs.

Our software developers and engineers can create powerful custom software solutions that will rival any commercial application with the specific features that will improve the efficiency of your business. You will benefit from an interface that is easier to use and an application with a shorter learning curve making adoption among your staff simpler. This provides you with a much faster return on investment.

Agile Software Development

While some off-the-shelf software products may be industry-specific, they are not created to meet the needs of a particular organization. With our agile methodology, we work directly with your business to develop the feature set, database and interface that is specific to your company. We keep you in the loop at all times to ensure an optimal partnership that will yield dividends beyond your expectations.

Lower Total Software Cost

Most pre-packaged software applications now use a license model based on the number of users which means that you will continue to pay for the software in perpetuity for as along as your organization uses the software. This can result in substantial costs as your company expands and adds more users. With Evobilis, you own the custom software that we develop for your organization.

Software Updates

One of the caveats of many software products is their product update schedule. You are may be forced to install updates that you don’t really need or pay for expensive upgrades due to lack of support for older versions. We can update your custom software with new features as you require. You only pay for the cost of the update, not the entire software package.

Our software developers and engineers manage the entire lifecycle of the project from inception to maintenance and support. Plus, our agile software development and testing model ensures the quality of your custom software applications that are built to your specifications. What software application can we build for you? Speak to a custom software development specialist today!