Business in Asia-pacific: Go E-commerce and think smartphone

20 May 2014, Posted by Leopold Grassin in e-Commerce

China estimated B2C e-commerce sales are rocketing! They are forecasted to grow from $181 billion in 2013 to $439 billion in 2016!  What’s more, this e-commerce trend has spread to Asia-pacific in a whole! It makes it a leader in the worldwide B2C e-commerce sales. Note that 42% of internet users live in Asia-pacific. Most importantly, those users abandoned both their desktop computers and laptops and are more likely to purchase goods and services through mobile devices. See this info graphic bellow for more outstanding  trends. May you one day start your online business in Asia-pacific, I wish you a breakthrough success!
E-commerce in Asia  - Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- GO-Globe.cn

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